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Photo ornaments make ideal personal Christmas gifts! Pictures have a way of giving back year after year. Family and friends give picture ornaments as gifts and share great memories. Search our vast photo ornament selection to find your dream ornament today!

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And that’s exactly why we’re here. We’ve found and categorized every known photo ornament so you can find the perfect photo ornament for your daughter Bethany’s wedding. Or maybe you’re ready to take on the digital craze and wow Mom with a rotating picture set of the twin sisters and their newborn babies. Personalized sports-themed photo ornaments also make great stocking stuffers for your son Brian who just started playing little league baseball this year.

What is a Photo Ornament

Let’s start off with a little photo ornament 101. Before you stopped in, I bet you thought the photo ornament world was small. Quite the opposite, photo ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, digital and traditional, metal and plastic, simple and personalized, quiet and noisy, and many more variations. Rest assured, if the photo ornament exists, you can find it here. And contact us if you have a new photo ornament for us to showcase.

Let’s begin by dissecting one of these photo ornaments into tiny pieces. Photo ornaments all contain at least four basic parts at their very core:

  1. Photo
  2. Frame to hold and display the picture or a substrate to print the photo
  3. Decorative or personalized background around the frame
  4. Loop string or hook to hang the ornament

Great, that’s so simple, how can that help me decide what to buy? We’ve described below the major photo ornament types, colorful decorative themes and picture size ranges.

Photo Ornament Type

Choosing a photo ornament type comes down to the level of involvement you want in making, buying and sharing your new photo ornament. Two types of photo ornament personalization exist, custom text and photo’s actually custom written onto the ornament itself.

  • Traditional frame ornament – Like any other frame, place your paper photo behind clear glass or plastic. Advantages include that the photo may be exchanged for another photo and that the photo quality is as good (or as bad) as your actual print
  • Personalized photo ornament – personalized or custom photo ornaments have photos that are physically written onto the ornament at a special photo lab. Advantages include that the print is permanent onto the ornament forever and that the photo ornament is delivered complete to the buyer with the photo already on the ornament
  • Digital frame ornament – Similar to digital desk frames, digital photo ornaments can rotate through a series of pre-selected photos. Advantages include multiple photos and a flashy digital appearance
  • Do-it-yourself photo ornament – Crafty artists and especially children like to make their own photo ornaments using kits or simple craft supplies. Advantages include the one-of-a-kind handmade appearance and low cost if you use your own materials
  • Musical ornament – Plays tunes or melodies and holds photos too. Advantage include pleasing more than one sense

Some photo ornaments even cross boundaries and are multiple types, like musical personalized picture ornaments. Now that you have all that straight, it’s time to think about the size of photo.

Photo Size

For our definition, we are referring to the size of the photo inside the photo ornament and not the outside ornament dimensions. Some photo ornaments are rather large while the photos are quite small. Since most ornaments are 2 to 5 inches tall, the photo itself becomes either a minor or major part of the whole ornament decoration. Here is how we define photo size:

  • Small – Longest dimension is less than one inch ( < 1 inch )
  • Medium – Longest dimension is between one inch and four inches ( 1 inch to 4 inches )
  • Large – Longest dimension is greater than four inches ( > 4 inches )

If you are framing an existing photo, consider your photo size and what must be cropped. If your photo is 4×6, buy a 4×6 photo ornament. If your photo is smaller, consider buying a small photo ornament with more decoration. Now let’s consider the theme or decoration that most closely fits your gift giving needs.

Photo Ornament Decorative Theme

Giving away a photo ornament of your little league all-star? Something for your daughter’s wedding? Memories of grandpa? We are certain you will find something fitting in our wide selection of unique gift photo ornaments.

  • Baby – Newborn children, baby boy, baby girl
  • Collectible – Hallmark collection, Disney collection, other branded collections
  • Firsts – First Christmas together, baby’s first Christmas
  • Holiday – Santa, stocking, elf, presents, snowmen, Christmas
  • Simple – Photo is the focal point
  • Sports – Baseball, hockey, basketball, football, etc
  • Wedding – Generally silver metal with an optional inscription

Use our unique product selection filter to sort by photo type, photo size and decorative theme. Find the perfect photo ornament gift for this Christmas season in the world’s largest selection of photo ornaments!

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