Buying picture ornaments in bulk means you are looking to give a meaningful, personalized gift to lot of friends and family. Whether you are celebrating a wedding a work Christmas party, purchasing bulk photo ornaments is a great way to simplify your gift giving.

Pricing for bulk quantities

Ask for bulk discounts, vendors can gear up to sell in mass quantities easily. And retailers make more money selling larger orders than smaller orders. Some bulk ornaments can cost as little as $1 for the ultra-cheap smaller versions. Expect to pay between $4 to $8 for quantities between 10-100. Larger than that quantity, you nearly have wholesale negotiating power and can bargain the unit price down further.

Where to buy in Bulk

Ask any traditional e-retailer for bulk rates as most will not list bulk picture ornament pricing on their site. On the other extreme, promotional corporate gift wholesalers are accustomed to selling mass quantities and do not list single quantity unit prices. In between the extremes, small quantity gift sites such as Personalization Mall are geared toward the mid-sized quantities for weddings and small parties.

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