Sometimes we just want to make our own crafts. Why? Because it’s more personalized and when you look at the Christmas tree you can point a craft photo ornament of your own.

Instructions to make your own Picture Ornaments

Shop our handmade picture ornaments to see a huge collection of photo ornament craft ideas from around the internet. People send us links all the time of their favorite DIY craft ideas and we post the best-of here for everyone to see. Send us photos or new ideas if you’ve made some craft photo ornaments yourself.

Photo ornament craft ideas

And for the super craftswomen, why not invent our own photo ornament designs? Here are some craft ideas that you can try on your own.

  • Photo inside a clear ball ornament
  • Carboard background with photo glued on the front, cut in the shape of a pine tree
  • 4×6 wrapped in a tube, hung from the tree
  • Punch a hole in the top of a photo and put a hook, clip or paperclip through the hole, and hang

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